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Porsche 993 (911) carrera 2 year 1996 with 171,000 kilometers

Manual gearbox

3.6 L 286 hp short gearbox G2

Color L741 Plain black metallic interior TT Gray

Service book


Matching numbers and matching colors, original labels in place


Options code:

C00: delivery country Germany

139: heated seat left

233: change of tire manufacturer on the production line

326: Becker CR-21 radio cassette

340: right heated seat

398: 17-inch Cup alloy wheels

573: air conditioning

650: Electric sunroof

659: on-board computer


It just got a complete overhaul

Double igniter

Drain, oil filters, fuel filter


The clutch has been changed


The car drives perfectly, without noise, without smoke. The oil pressures are perfect.

No game

The box passes very smoothly.


The windshield bays have been redone.


The documents will be available for consultation on site, no sending.


Porsche 993 Carrera 2

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